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Gifted and Talented

GT Coordinator: Amber Thompson Raymond

“Warren County Public Schools is committed to supporting the needs of children who have been identified as possessing the ability to perform at exceptionally high levels. These children are identified and provided services based on criteria outlined in 704 KAR 3:285.”


For our gifted students, teachers are encouraged to use various forms of differentiation in the classroom including, but not limited to the following:


Collaborative teaching

Curriculum compacting


Higher level Questioning

Independent study

Learning centers

Peer Mentorship

Tiered assignments

Independent projects


Students that have been identified as Gifted and Talented at Warren Central have the opportunity to participate and be active in a plethora of activities throughout the school year that enhance their educational experience. There are many advanced classes, and extracurricular clubs and organizations that they can choose to be a part of. They even have the opportunity to apply to our College Academy where they will be both a college and high school student simultaneously.


Although there is no longer a pullout program that takes place like at the elementary level here at the high school, gifted and talented students have many opportunities to challenge their way of learning and sharpen their creativity skills. Students are exposed to ways to truly cultivate their study skills and work ethic while also preparing themselves to be career and college ready.


Service Plans

1st Quarter Report Card: Service Plan distributed

2nd Quarter Report Card: Semester Summary Report distributed

4th Quarter Report Card: Semester Summary Report distributed


Leadership Day

Every year, in February, Warren Central High students that are identified gifted in Leadership host a “Leadership Day’ for all our feeder schools. Younger GAT students spend the day at WC and enjoy various sessions based on a leadership theme lead by leadership-based organizations at the school including: JROTC, FCCLA, FBLA, BETA, among others…